5 Ways to Build Muscles Quickly

Building the muscles of the body means inflating all the main muscles that are visible in the human body, where the body with a muscular structure is considered a measure of body beauty and evidence of its strength, so young people are quick to exercise in order to build their muscles. Muscle building is through a specialized exercise that magnifies the muscles of the body, and these exercises are duplicates of a particular movement that strains and tightens the muscles.

Types of body Muscle building Sports

-Sport Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Sport (Bodybuilding) is the main sport to amplify the muscles of the body, it relies on muscular exercises and mainly protein-rich food. Bodybuilding exercises depend on the lifting of heavy weights (such as iron and hand weights) frequently for muscle strain, the muscle begins to be destructive because of the great effort it exhibits, and the benefit of food that contains a high protein ratio is the rebuilding of muscle fibers More and more powerful than ever. Bodybuilding competitions are held so that competition is a comparison between the bodies of competitors in terms of muscle size and detail.

-Fitness Sport

Fitness modeling is a bodybuilding sport, in which muscles are amplified, but less so than bodybuilding, where the sport’s practitioners focus on muscle detailing and shaping rather than inflating them, and their exercises vary Sport for bodybuilding exercises does not depend on carrying heavy weights in a major way, but exercises that benefit from the fitness of the body.

-Sport Force

The sport of power (in English: powerlifting) is a sport that relies mainly on heavy weight bearing, not focusing on the shape and detail of the muscle, but only its ability to carry heavy weights (which is directly proportional to the size of the muscle). The competition is about the amount of weight that is borne by the repetition of one of the three exercises: squat exercise (squats), lethal lifting exercise (in English: Deadlift), and chest compression exercise (in English: Bench Press), and this sport relies on all exercises that Helps to increase the weight raised.

-Muscle amplification Mechanism

The muscles of the body are divided into 5 categories when you want to amplify them: the muscles of the arms (divided into the biceps (in English: biceps), the triceps muscle (in English), the forearm muscle), the muscles of the shoulders, the muscles of the back, and the muscles of the leg. The exercises used for each muscle group vary, for example, back muscle exercises are different from leg muscles, and so on.

The exercises work to strain the muscle dramatically and thus tear down muscle fibers of that muscle, and uses protein (either through food or industrial protein products) to reconstruct these fibers, as the body exploits the amino acids found in the protein for the restoration Muscles (whose fibers are also composed of amino acids), the muscles are rebuilt so that they are larger and stronger than before, so as to adapt the muscle to the repeated effort.

Top five ways to build muscles quickly

In order to speed up the process of muscle enlargement in bodybuilding sports, there are some recommendations and tips that the practitioners of this sport do not pay attention to, which, if focused on, will improve the results of the exercise.

-Concentration in the muscle during exercise

One of the most important factors influencing the quality of the exercise and its results is the concentration in the muscle that is only being carried out, where the person must feel the muscle tightening during the exercise. A common error among bodybuilding practitioners is weight lifting regardless of the muscles used during the exercise, for example, in leg muscle exercises the person relies on his lower back muscle more than the leg muscles, not this is required, but he must concentrate in the muscles The leg is to be the one that pulls during the exercise, to ensure the results of the leg muscles, and to avoid serious injuries such as slipping in the lower back muscles.

-Weight gain or repetition during exercise when estimated

The proven weight in the exercises on the portable weights and the number of repetitions will result in a proven muscle size after a while, as the muscle will get used to the effort. There are three workarounds for this problem:

-Increase the amount of weights raised during exercise with the number of iterations installed.

-Increase the number of iterations while installing the amount of weights raised.

-Increase the amount of weights raised and the number of iterations as well; This is the best solution to this problem.

-Increase the amount of protein intake per day.

Protein is the essential nutrient for muscle building, it contains the essential amino acids of the muscles, and any lack of the daily need of the bodybuilder (depending on the weight of the person) will lead to the demolition of the fibers without rebuilding them, so the muscles will not swell even with the exercise. The amount of protein is increased by its rich foods, such as eggs, meats, cheeses (preferably low fat), or by synthetic protein products, such as whey protein (in English: Whey Protein).

-Increased sleep hours

The sleep period is the best period in which the body rebuild the muscles, in addition to the fact that sleep relaxes the body and provides energy for the next day, so the few in the hours of sleep required daily leads to slow muscle amplification, and there will be insufficient amount of energy to perform Exercise as required.

-Avoid harmful habits to health

There are many causes that harm the body in general, and slow down the process of inflating muscles, including:

– Smoking and drinking shisha: smoking of all kinds weakens the circulation and lungs dramatically. Drink soft drinks: they lead to osteoporosis and weight gain, and they contain large amounts of caffeine, which is considered harmful in the event of excessive.

 -Eat pans and fast food: they contain large amounts of harmful fats and cholesterol, and therefore will lead to an increase in weight.

 -Taking contraband: its damage is many and multiple, and it can lead to death.

-Taking steroids: (in English: Steroids), while inflating muscles quickly, there are many disadvantages and side effects, such as infertility, hormone disruption, and leaving it will lead to muscular atrophy and sagging.

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