Live Healthily Without Giving it up!

Leave your fingers off the exclusion diets! They only teach you resignation, which in the long run can lead to symptoms of deficiency and illness. take note: is necessary, a change of diet, less rigorous and with enough exercise and sleep – these are still the best conditions for a healthy life.

Without breakfast, impossible?

Please note that breakfast should not consist of a single coffee. Take the time for a healthy breakfast. This puts metabolism up to date and creates a good energy base for the day.

What about milk?

the quality of animals and the production of milk are factors that influence their consumption, Alternatively, depending on their compatibility, it is recommended to change to almond milk or soy. Make sure they contain calcium and are not infused with sugar.

Drinking less alcohol

Alcohol not only contains a lot of sugar, but it can also lead to diabetes if you are over-consuming. The contained ethanol also affects our organs and can lead to long-term memory and speech loss, impotence, infertility, muscle spasms or even heart problems.

eat at the table

It is not advisable to consume any food, in front of the television or computer, usually, we do not realize what and how much we eat. We are so distracted that we quickly push tons of food towards ourselves. Also, we do not chew food properly, so we do not digest it correctly. the best: Sit at the table and eat in peace. Not only do we realize when we are full, but we also make the stomach and intestines work easier.

Proteins for a firm body

Proteins make our muscles powerful and contribute to important organic regeneration processes. This makes it even more important that we provide healthy proteins to our bodies. Luckily, the choice is great: not only meat and fish are good protein suppliers, but also vegetarian foods like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, peas, wheat seeds, and quinoa.

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