Remove Shards: This Is How You Get Rid Of Them!

Shards are foreign bodies in the skin that can hurt quite nicely! How to remove shards, we’ll explain here!

Whether doing DIY, walking barefoot or playing, neither adults nor children are safe from splintering. The annoying foreign bodies can be made of wood, glass or plastic. If it is a small specimen, you can remove the splitter yourself. We’ll tell you how to do it!

Remove Shards: First Aid & Tips


  • Tweezers (possibly with LED lights)
  • Needle
  • If necessary, a magnifying glass to better see the foreign body.


  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and dry.
  • Disinfect tool to prevent infection. To do this, hold the needle or tweezers over a lighter and then clean with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol.
  • Place skin disinfection spray on the affected area.

to proceed:

  • If the sliver sticks out of the puncture site, it can normally be removed with tweezers. Pulling out the sliver, otherwise there is a risk that it will break off. Definitely check if you’ve caught it all!
  • Clean the wound and apply skin disinfection spray again.
  • Cover the area with a patch to keep bacteria away.


  • Don’t try to squeeze out the sliver by hand! This makes the skin even more irritated and allows the intruder to break or slip even deeper.
  • If you can’t remove the sliver completely yourself, it’s best to see a doctor! If you work around the spot for too long, the wound can quickly become overexcited.

Remove a sunken sliver

  • Train ointment: A drawobalance can help pull the sliver to the skin surface and then remove it better.
  • Warm soap bath: If the wood shard cannot be removed with tweezers, you can soak the body area in a warm soap bath for about ten minutes and then try removing it again. The warm water swells up the wood and is pushed to the surface of the skin. As a further measure, the skin can be easily scribbled with a disinfected needle to better reach the sliver.
  • Baking powder: With very small splinters, you can mix 1 tablespoon of baking powder with a little water to form a porridge and add to the affected area. Then cover this area with a patch or gauze bandage and leave to work for a few hours. The intruder should then be better removed.

Remove shards: When should I go to the doctor?

If there is a larger foreign body in the skin or if it is a piece of glass or metal, you should definitely see a doctor. Also take a look at the vaccination calendar for tetanus vaccination: In case of doubt, prefer to consult the doctor and take the vaccination calendar with you. If the sliver itself has been removed, but pain and redness do not subside, the passage to the doctor should also not be postponed, as it could be an infection that in the worst case can lead to blood poisoning!

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