18 Habits That Make Losing Weight More Difficult

Despite numerous diet tips, few people achieve their desired weight. It’s quite possible that it’s due to the following 18 habits that sabotage losing weight.

1. Too little sleep

Sleep duration can determine how successful your diet is. why? Those who sleep only a few hours a night produce more ghrelin. This hormone is responsible, among other things, for controlling hunger and satiety. It also throttles energy turnover and prevents fat storage from being broken down. It is important to maintain a fixed sleep rhythm. By the way: The body also burns calories in sheep – about 70 kilocalories per hour.

2. Dressing in the dark

Instead of dressing in the dark bedroom, you should put on the curtains. This not only prevents you from wearing an optically inappropriate outfit on your body, but also helps you lose weight. A study has shown that the morning sun is supposed to help boost your metabolism. And this in turn has an effect on effective fat burning.

3.Coffee for breakfast

After a night’s sleep, even if you’ve nipped at a water glass from time to time, you’re dehydrated. And that awakens our appetite. Those who immediately resort to the coffee or tea cup will do nothing about it, on the contrary: drinks with caffeine or teein (black and green tea) enhance the effect of dehydration. Better: In the morning, the first thing to do is drink a large glass of water, also to get your metabolism up and running.

4.Do without dairy products

If you are not intolerant of lactose, you should eat dairy products in the morning. And don’t give up on it for false reasons, for example to save calories. The main reason: Calcium is an important component for blood clotting and muscle contraction – and this can positively influence the weight loss process. According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), the daily calcium requirement is about 900 milligrams for an adult.

5. Eat cereals

Muesli may be a saturating foundation, but proteins are better for starting the day. Eggs also saturate and provide the body with the energy it needs. By consuming proteins, the hormone orexin is also released, which stimulates calorie burning. Eggs also provide important nutrients and vitamins, and inhibit the desire for small snacks between meals.

6. Stress in the morning

The snooze function on the alarm clock is used too often for you, so you often have to rush to work? Then you should reconsider this habit, because stress in the morning causes the release of cortisol. The hormone interrupts the build-up of proteins in the body and instead pulls proteins from the muscles to convert them into glucose. Then better get up a bit sooner.

7. Don’t take a lunch break

If you miss lunch and just work through the break, you don’t do yourself and your body any favours. Why is this so? Quite simply, if you owe a meal, your body will reduce its energy consumption, and that will also slow down fat loss. Our tip: Before your performance suffers from the food waiver and the craving attack in the evening surprises you, eat something small.

8. Moaning about the diet

If your diet makes a lot of effort for you to make it happen to all people, it’s time to stop it. Let’s face it: You probably wouldn’t have gone through this kind of diet anyway. Better is a weight loss strategy that you stand behind with your whole personality – and which is not characterized by prohibitions, but by the joy of healthy foods.

9. Don’t walk

Every step keeps fit, every gear makes you lean,” is a saying – and there’s definitely something about it. Transfer to work: Go to your colleague rather than call him. In everyday life: Always use stairs instead of the elevator and run short distances. Better than getting the car out of the garage. Those who heed these small things already provide a basic measure of movement.

10. Chill music for workout

Lounge music and slow instrumental songs may be suitable for the spa area and for relaxing, but not for a sporty workout. If you train on the treadmill or the stepper, you better get swinging music in your ears. Then it runs twice as fast.

11. Only do cardio training

Endurance sports are wonderful, but you should also be careful to train your muscles. The reason for this is that you build muscle mass, which positively influences your fat metabolism. This means that the more muscles you have, the more fat you burn – even at rest. When your body consumes more energy than it gets in the form of food, it is forced to go to the fat reserves.

12. Not heavy to wear

As mentioned above, it is important to train muscles. However, if you want to not only keep them in shape, but also build them up, the weights should be a bit heavier. Otherwise you probably don’t see any physical changes. Important: Variety in the exercises and in their intensity.

13. Reward with sugar

If you have a week of hard training and healthy food behind you, you want to reward yourself with something at the weekend. In this case, it is better not to grab sugary foods or drinks, but to reward yourself with a great film, a manicure or a massage, for example. This keeps you away from hundreds of calories and helps you not lose sight of your weight loss goals.

14. Don’t take oil

We all know that saturated fats in quantities are unhealthy for our bodies – not only because they can lead to obesity, but also because they also increase blood fat levels. And that, in turn, can increase the risk of heart disease. Unsaturated fatty acids, on the other hand, are good for the body and even help with weight loss. Reason for this: The lipids contained slow down the transition of carbohydrates into the blood. Olive oil can therefore be used without hesitation.

15. Eat in front of the TV

Do you prefer to sit in front of the TV in the evening with your food in order to be sprinkled? Not a good idea. Better up the movie or series for the evening and focus instead on what you have on your plate. This prevents you from eating too much and too fast – and learning to listen to your body.

16. Heating in the bedroom on

If your heating in the bedroom is always running at full power, let’s be told: this habit can sabotage your desire to lose weight. Reason for this: At colder bedroom temperatures, the body must expend minimal energy to bring the body to the appropriate sleeping temperature. And that in turn burns calories.

17. Pushing food between appointments

Do you just want to eat something quickly before taking your child to the football club or dance school? Then you definitely don’t give your body enough time to realize that it’s full. Our tip: First eat only half of your planned meal and pick up the rest for after your completions. If you’re still hungry, you can eat the second half of the plate.

18. Instagrammen out of bed

Shortly before going to bed, many people reach for their smartphones again to share the last snapshot of the day on Instagram or to read the news of the day. A mistake that can probably even prevent us from losing weight. The blue LED light hinders the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Insomnia and cravings can be the result.

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